Friday, May 20, 2011

The Colprac Secret cover

This is the cover for The Colprac Secret by April Archer:

It happens. You close your eyes for a split second and let the tense world around you go dark. You blink. You let your guard down.
A blink is all it takes for your world to go up in flames.
Blink. You sister dies.
Blink. You seek revenge and instead find betrayal.
Blink. You have blood on your hands that can’t be washed away.
Blink. You keep on trucking.
You blink less.
I blink less. I keep my guard up, but it’s easier now for me. Now that revenge has been, in a strange and oddly fulfilling way, enacted. The betrayal still haunts me, a nightmare that flashes whenever I close my eyes for just a split second.
I blink less, and try to repress the memories as best I can.
This story, my story, started with a secret. A bloody, all-encompassing secret that would determine if my sister’s sacrifice was worth it, if I could forget Dominik’s betrayal to see that we were meant for each other...if I’d push back the events that destroyed me just in time to see my planet tossed back into war.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Exist cover

This is the cover for Exist by Gabija Redbird:

Wes Fray - Hockey Captain. Hottest guy in Trace, Ohio. In love with Parker Devins. 
Parker Devins - Writer. Beautiful but oblivious. In love with books... but mostly Wes Fray. 
Sam Scarlet (Scar) - Evil mastermind. *The other* hottest guy in Trace, Ohio. Falling hard for Kory Grimaldi. 
Corrine Grimaldi (Kory) - Artist. Drop dead gorgeous. Thinks Scar is pretty damn awesome. <3 
All with their own problems the four teens are brought together by a bathroom, a game of Tetris, a job transfer and a 'perfect' town in Ohio.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kindergarten cover

This is the cover for Kindergarten by Samantha K. Llewellyn.

When trouble maker Brooklyn Carter is expelled for stealing and crashing her principal's car, her mother decides to think up another punishment to help teach her responsibility. Instead of sending her to another school, Brooklyn is sent to volunteer in her mother's kindergarten class. It is there that Brooklyn finds a safe sanctuary from the dramas of high school and meets an enthusiastic five year old named Daisy.

But when Daisy's mother passes away, Daisy begins to close up. And Brooklyn puts it upon herself to hold the class together as it threatens to fall apart, and help Daisy to open up. And it is then that Brooklyn finds that nothing is as simple as it seems. 

"Where boys have cooties, a big assignment is a colouring page, and no one is a backstabber. Not as simple as you may think." 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Seeker's Game cover

This is the cover for The Seeker's Game by Nadia Washington: 

Adrienne Torezz gets lost while playing a game of hide and seek with her friend, Tiffany Dawson. The feeling of doubt and loneliness overwhelms her as she searches helplessly for her parents. In such a pursuit, she ends up finding someone who not only gets her to safety but also becomes her friend.

 "It all started with a game of hide and seek." 

Take a Step, Take a Breath covers

These are the covers for Take a Step, Take a Breath by Kimi Caine.

 Jack and her mother have always been close. And Jack has always been without a significant fatherly influence. She is scarred from the lack of one, and she is determined that her mother with never marry. Yet her mother has now introduced the man she plans to marry; Jack's Friend's Father. With him comes five kids. Suddenly Jack's easy going life as an independent only child with a simple relationship with her mother is throw into a hectic chaos, and Jack is pushed in the background. Withdrawing from the world, and her mother, Jack avoids everything to do with the wedding at all costs. Finally, she runs away.
Straight into Nick's arms. Nick understands her. Nick lets her cry, lets her scream, lets her laugh. With Nick, she is free.
She should know not everything is as it seems. 

 "He knew her soul, she knew his name. He played her heart, she played his game. He fell in love, she did the same." 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Exactly...? cover

This is the cover for Why Exactly...? by Grace Benitone:

A girl is accused of name calling, and reveals her real thoughts that she never said about the brat (although she is accused of it) 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rise of Gantor cover

This is the cover for The Rise of Gantor by Kyal Lanum:

 In the early years of Antrica, the elves of Eleron and the humans of Drajten were at war. The evil tyrant Gantor forced the humans to eliminate what was left of the ancient elves. However, not knowing their power, the elves destroyed the humans and locked Drajten in a strongholds with wards of ancient knowledge. These wards were supposed to imprison Gantor forever. However, there is a deeper power than the elves magic.

 "Gantor was locked away in a stronghold for many centuries. For many thousands of years he was locked away, burning in pain. Until now."  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reminiscence cover

This is the cover for Reminiscence: 

Alice, the greatest warrior of her generation is found alone, with no memory of who she is. All she knows is that she woke up near a lake. When she returns to the clan what will her fate be? Her brother is against her as far as she knows; her whole family is. Will she remember who she is and save the clan from an uncertain peril? Or will she be doomed to be an amnesiac forever trying to find herself? 

"She created a legacy. Now, she must pay." 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Warpire's Fairy cover

This is the cover for The Warpire's Fairy: Book 1 of the Icy Heart's Series by Kayla Martzall:

In the 1890's Elizabeth Wilson was being hunted by a handsome man named Seth Brookfield. He betrayed their love and turned her into the Queen in Frostopia.
I was now repeating my great- great grandmothers terrible fortune. I was being hunted by Blake Carter. I was warned in my dreams by my fellow race, but, I didn't listen to them about Blake. I fell blind as a bat.
Now, I fear his love will betray me like Seth did to Elizabeth. 

 "My blood ran with iciness as I stood still with the anticipated wait. Fear flooded me when the Queen drew her scepter over me." 

Blank Shoot cover

This is the cover for Blank Shoot by Rosalie Pratt:

 Carina Cassidy disappears one day.
Her body is found (or is it??).
Carina finds herself in an academy/organisation that trains her to kill.
Her parents are murdered.
Carina returns. 

"What happens to the victims of a blank shoot?" 

The World of Lies cover

This is the cover for The World of Lies by Paige Dellaway. 

Mary-Anne is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives with her older brother Isaac. Her best friend is an idiotic, sarcastic, lovable guy that goes by the name of Greg Marshall. It turns out that despite the twos promise to tell each other everything, he’s been keeping a secret. That particular secret would change poor Mary-Anne’s life. And boy, will Greg regret keeping it. He swears that it was to protect her, but how could anything this big be hidden? One thing’s for sure: the two share a destiny. It wasn’t just a coincidence that they met, there are no coincidences. Will Greg be able to protect Mary-Anne without breaking any rules, or will he have to choose between her life and his future? 

"What would you do if your life was turned upside down?"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Step Back cover

This is the cover for A Step Back by Nikita.

Imagine a rich, posh and sophisticated girl who's got everything and anything. Now imagine that same girl getting stuck is the past, two centuries ago. The year 1803 to be more precise.
Can the girl survive the dirty, crowded streets and bustling suburbs of Old London? What happens when she find's love in the nineteenth century? Will it survive? More-over, will she ever get back to her time or be forever trapped in history? 

Dear Diary, Sincerely Me cover

This is the cover for Dear Diary, Sincerely Me by Saithe Faolian. 

 One of the timeless tales is of how Boy Meets Girl. But what happens when Girl is thoroughly and soundly rejected by Boy? This is the story of Delilah's progress through her senior year of high school, recorded by her in her diary. It takes you through her first real love, and possibly her last. From falling for the "wrong" guy and somehow ending up with Mr. Right, to loosing a friend, Delilah comments on her life through the good times and the bad. 

Spread Your Wings cover

This is the cover for Spread Your Wings by Rose Simon.

Hurt cover

This is the cover for Hurt bye Ritz13: 

"We're drawn together by a connection, but we must part." 

Skin Deep cover

This is the cover for Skin Deep by Eleanor Kirk: 

Welcome to Little Brenton High, where some eighteen-year-olds are still immature enough to think it’s funny to yell “bogies!” during the school assembly. Then there are the food fights. The “last man standing” competitions. The Clap Wars. All the old favourites. Not to mention that there’s always somebody suggesting a new game.
This Game is the newest. A “detective” tries to hunt down the “mafia murderers” before they manage to “kill” everybody in the school. But when one of the mafia members begins to take the role far too seriously, a living hell is unleashed, and it looks as though third-generation detective Izzy Holloway will never be able to uncover the rogue mafia on her own – and even her wits may not be enough to keep her alive.
Forget about beauty being skin deep – when whole appearances and morals don’t penetrate beneath the surface, it’s far worse. Death has become a game, and life is the playground.

 "It began as a game. It ended up as a national scandal, a multi-murder case involving Scotland Yard and MI5, and a life-long prison sentence."  

My Rose-Tinted Glasses cover

This is the cover for My Rose-Tinted Glasses by Elena Pratt
 My daydreams took over my life. Then I stopped the dreams; forced them back. Ten years later I let myself dream once more and my characters from the dreams of my youth are back with a vengeance. I have to choose between two wonderful worlds, but what happens when you're to fragile to live in either? 

"The life of a daydreamer can be hard to follow. Slipping in an out of consciousness how can you possibly control two lives at once?" 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secrets cover

 All we know about Jessica is that she changed her name, changed schools, and has something to hide. What is her secret and can she keep it around all of the gorgeous guys and preppy girls at WestWick Academy? I mean we only have the boyfriend, the boy friend, the ex, the best friend, and the bitch. Oh, and there is someone who’s threatening her. Other than that, there’s really no other pressure. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Close Your Eyes cover

This is the cover for Close Your Eyes by Gabija Redbird. 

Close your eyes – it will be over soon. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Set Fire To The Snow cover

This is the cover for Set Fire To The Snow by Lou Evans:  

Logan Flynn— human—meets Kaori Harris—android. Normally, following the same routine, Logan changes everything by walking into a new restaurant. His life changes in order to see Kaori. He starts to arrive at the same restaurant day after day not sure how a man is supposed to love an android. He hated androids. The way they moved and spoke, always talking down to humans while having a godly perfection that no android could appreciate.

Constantly, Logan tries to lead Kaori out into the real world. There she starts to change. Biting back on a secret, Kaori starts to leave everything behind to follow Logan. Right when he thinks she’s falling in love with him and showing emotions, everything changes for the worst. The day he’s about to leave for war, he finds Kaori lying on the ground—dead. In one hand, a gun while the other a note for him.

But Kaori Harris is an android, which means several things. One, she cannot bleed. Two, she has no emotions. Therefore, in this bloody mess, how can Kaori be dead if she can’t suffer from the depression that drives most to suicide? 

November 13, 1941. 6:37. The second most important date and time in history for Logan Flynn.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lethal cover

This is the cover for my book, Lethal. 

Everything is perfect in The Kingdom - until the unthinkable happens. The princess has escaped: let the hunt begin. Five years later, former Princess Kaelyn has morphed into a lethal huntress - aided by her uncanny ability to see futures - and is surviving on her own in the wild, that is until she meets Eshaan, who is the son of a guard she murdered on the night of her escape. Shoved into an uncomfortable alliance, the two unlikely partners must face the constant threat of the Royal Guard, while simultaneousness trying to save innocent lives and restore the peace of The Kingdom.

"Even though I hate the perpetual threat of capture, I love the thrill of the chase."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Double Edged new cover

This is the newest cover for my book Double Edged:

The Blade: an assassin who's been raising hell in a big city. Rumors of the assassins motives fly through the town, carried across radio waves, announced during the nine o'clock news and whispered about behind textbooks of anxious high school students or while shuffling papers at work. People who have been accused of horrible crimes but never convicted are turning up dead, all with the tell tale signs of The Blade stamped across the crime scene. The panic is contagious, spreading to everyone in the city, everyone except two 17-year-olds, Alex and Lee, who find it strangely ironic that they're parents are enforcing new rules and curfews to keep them safe when they are, in fact, The Blade.   

“What did I miss?” says a male voice above me. “Epic battles? Blood shed? Anything that I would classify as 'good?'” 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mijito cover

This is the cover for Mijito by Linchy: 

Adelphus Hartley. What can you expect from an outcasted teenager? The class bully-victim, fighting all their jeers and taunts with his best friend, Adriana. But he's still stuck onto his mother. His father doesn't care about him at all.

And then, they arrive. The mysterious trio; the three Stages, the Canus, and the truth of his mother's death. What's he gonna do? 
                                                    Think about juicy apples, that's for sure. 

"One movement. One memory. One truth."

Princess To Be cover

This is the cover for Princess To Be by Skyler: 

Who knew a snow delay could actually be beneficial? Roland’s ex girlfriend is determined to get him back and Roland is at his wits end. Roland surprisingly finds his old school friend Bethany at the airport where they are both snowed in, while waiting for their flight to Graedonia. Roland and Bethany devise a plan in order to stop Roland’s crazy ex. Girlfriend Pricilla. Will it be enough to stop her never ending game of cat and mouse?

"What’s the best way to stop your crazy ex. girlfriend? Get a fake girlfriend of course." 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Luminescence cover

This is the cover for Luminescence by Riley Grisham. 

Silver Corrinth is an orphan, living with two people who claim to be her parents, and had ever since she was four and her real parents were murdered. She has no idea how they managed to pull this off without someone figuring it out. Wouldn't you notice when a child switches parents? Her fake parents, Cecile and Samuel, look like her, walk like her, even talk like her. But when others look away, they taunt her like children, calling her a freak and alien. It doesn't help that when she cries her tears glow, and when she dances the stars in the sky shine brighter. When a falling star is found only miles from her house, her life is thrown into termoil. Whispers of 'another one' fill the house, and one night, men dressed in government suits come and try to take her. Escaping and saving the life of Coin, a boy she finds wandering and lost like she is, she finds herself remembering things that make no sense. How does floating in the sky, looking down on the earth with great sadness, have anything to do with her? 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sea of Dyeing Green cover

This is the cover for Sea of Dyeing Green by Gaia Carlin.

It's been nearly a year since Rose lost her beloved father in an accident on his fishing boat and she's just about had it. Could this sunset on the beach finally be her last or just a painful reminder of what was? 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bury the Lies cover

These are the covers for Bury The Lies by Adrian Post. 

  "A gamer. A camp counselor. A model. A phantom. 
But who the hell am I?" 

Summer of Forgiveness cover

This is the cover for Summer of Forgiveness by Heather Vaughn:  

Summer had just started, and Sydney couldn't be any happier. Although her Summer started off a little boring, it soon turned into loads of fun... and drama. Kaya and Marcus, two people she has met over the internet, were coming to visit her down in Georgia for the first two weeks of summer break. There was only one problem: Sydney and Marcus didn't get along due to personal issues with each other.

Sydney tries to make the best of her summer by ignoring Marcus and focusing on fun. What she didn't expect, though, was a lot more drama than before to unfold.

In a story of love, hate, drama and friendship, things will be tested, and this is one summer they will never forget. Perhaps, most importantly, it will be a Summer of Forgiveness 

 "This is a summer they'll never forget."

The Essence of Summer cover

This is the cover for The Essence of Summer by Dulcina Fayette. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Passion Called Hate cover

This is the cover for A Passion Called Hate by Whyte.Rhose: 

Infinity cover

This is the cover for Infinity by Onions. 

Annabel Chevalier is a thirteen-year-old flute virtuoso like no other. Sure, she's talented like every other prodigy in musical history, but she's also a diagnosed schizophrenic. Her widowed mother hides the "sickness" at all costs, Annabel's secret is that she knows that they're real. When time begins to slow down, and then freeze for minutes at a time, she's sure that she's been insane all along.
 Turns out that insanity is merely a synonym for genius.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bone cover

This is the cover for Bone by Jon Janack.

Adam Sarfati has recently been released from South Winds Mental Health Facility, where he was undergoing psychiatric and physical therapy due to his struggle against bulimia nervosa. His only friend from school who knew of his struggle, Lilly, has been stalking him and watching his every move. The only problem is Lilly died due to complications with anorexia. Adam has taken on Lilly's cross and become an anorexic himself, causing a rift in his home and social life at school, all while insufficiently trying to recover.

"They don't know why I feel like this... They say I'm not healthy... They say boys don't do this to themselves..."  

Tamed cove

This is the cover for Tamed 

Chloe is a werewolf the only female in existence and is trying to fit in when zombies overrun her school and she and the others that refuse to comply are sent out into the woods to live wild. 

"Being a werewolf isn’t a curse; it’s a medical condition."

Road to Torah cover

This is the cover for Road to Torah by Laurel Kroschel: 

There are many kinds of magic. There are countless kinds, and they all fall into denominations of colors. Only one problem stands present. Almost nobody exists with the ability to control their magic. Juliet and Jared, childhood friends, have been set out on a mission to find the few remaining masters before the magical government acts the only way they know how to. Start a war with the redbloods. 

 "If we have magic we can retaliate. But if they get whatever it is first we don't stand a fighting chance." 

Singing Always cover

This is the cover for Singing Always by Annabelle Believe

Emma’s dad never knew she existed. that was the only thing her mother would say to her on the matter- that and his name. Two years ago emma was able to stumble upon him on the internet and found out she had a stepsister. Through the course of the next few years, Emma would read her stepsister’s blog every night just so she could learn more about the sister she never met. Careless and free, Hailey is the complete opposite of quite Emma. from tales of her band to her friends’ antics, Hailey has described her daily life to emma via blog entries.
but what happens when hailey mentions one day that she is coming to emma’s hometown to perform at a local club with her band? 

"What if you didn’t choose the life you have? What if your only chance of not being alone was in the hands of someone you have never even met before?

I Trust You, I Trust You Not cover

This is the cover for I Trust You, I Trust You Not by DareYouToMove. 

Ashley has loved Nick ever since she met him. Suddenly, she finds out that she is a semian; someone like a human with super powers. Her world changes in ways she never thought it would and starts having problems trusting herself and others. As Ashley finds out more about who she is, secrets are revealed to her, some that she wish she had never found out about. There may be some challenges, but in the end, it's worth it. Isn't it? 

"Ashley wants to trust Nick, her boyfriend, she really does. But it seems impossible to when things turn out so complicated." 

You Don't Understand cover

This is the cover for You Don't Understand by Ashley C. Nicole.

 Bridget Reeves knew who she was; straight A student, lacrosse team captain, and the girl who's dad left when she was two. Besides the fact that she has no idea where her father is, everything in her life seems to be working out. Or at least it was until her boyfriend, Josh, broke up with her after a eight-month relationship. When she meets Daniel only a few weeks later, she knows she shouldn't rush into anything. But what if there isn't time to waste?
Daniel avoids answering the questions about the cuts and bruises covering him. He never speaks of his home-life or family. As the questions pile up, and answers are scarce, Bridget's realizing Daniel isn't the only one she knows so little about. 

 "How can you save someone if they won't let you in?" 

Obsolete Cover

This is the cover for Obsolete by Wendy R. Berry. 

Raechel, a beautiful Jewish girl, recalls her most memorable moments, good and bad, while in her Concentration Camp.

covers for Take a Bow

These are the covers I made for Take a bow. 

Everything that you know about Greek Mythology is about to change. Much like mortals, gods change, too. With centuries passing them by nothing is quite the way that we remembered. Trapped under a new oath, Zeus has kept the Olympians calm for the most part. No god shall ever walk this earth again or at least, no god from Mount Olympus shall. But it isn't until Zeus is murdered that people start believing they're free. Most seem to ignore a simple, important fact. . .Zeus--an immortal--is dead.

Denny Xylander, better known as Eros, has become a shut in over the years. With a broken oath and no more Zeus, chaos is unleashed into his world chasing him out of the house. First, he comes across a beautiful girl named Juliet who he believes is Psyche. Second, his father Ares kidnaps him telling him that it's about time they took over to rule the world. Third, Denny realizes deep down, somewhere inside of him. . .he wants to be a superhero or just a detective. Teaming up with two sidekicks, Emmett (Hercules) and Cassandra, they start searching for a serial killer who leaves behind one little clue, a gold apple with a Latin phrase that translates to: Remember, you are only mortal. 

"The Olympian Gods have lost all control over the human race." 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vice cover

This is the cover for Vice by Danielle Nadin. 

"Rules are meant to be broken, even those made by the Gods."

A Curious Anecdote cover

This is the cover for A Curious Anecdote bye ouch-eddie. 

Ruth's parents treat her like a delicate child. Her father is overprotective and her mother thinks that an afternoon of reading in the flower garden is an adventure. Ruth's only pleasure in life is sneaking downstairs and listening at her father's locked study door as he conducts his shadowy business with his shadowy associates, and that starts to sour when Ruth suddenly finds herself caught up in the world of favours, darkness, murder and magic that her parents tried so hard to protect her from. 

Oliver covers

These are the covers I made for Oliver by Zoe Meinke

A Rough Draft of My Life cover

This is the cover for A Rough Draft of My Life by Melinda Black. 

 Life has a nasty habit of taking us by surprise – making everything swerve in directions that will forever change and scar our world. Everyone has things like this, though some have smaller or less serious amounts than others. Me? Well, let’s just say that I’m on a first name basis with Change.