Monday, February 21, 2011

Close Your Eyes cover

This is the cover for Close Your Eyes by Gabija Redbird. 

Close your eyes – it will be over soon. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Set Fire To The Snow cover

This is the cover for Set Fire To The Snow by Lou Evans:  

Logan Flynn— human—meets Kaori Harris—android. Normally, following the same routine, Logan changes everything by walking into a new restaurant. His life changes in order to see Kaori. He starts to arrive at the same restaurant day after day not sure how a man is supposed to love an android. He hated androids. The way they moved and spoke, always talking down to humans while having a godly perfection that no android could appreciate.

Constantly, Logan tries to lead Kaori out into the real world. There she starts to change. Biting back on a secret, Kaori starts to leave everything behind to follow Logan. Right when he thinks she’s falling in love with him and showing emotions, everything changes for the worst. The day he’s about to leave for war, he finds Kaori lying on the ground—dead. In one hand, a gun while the other a note for him.

But Kaori Harris is an android, which means several things. One, she cannot bleed. Two, she has no emotions. Therefore, in this bloody mess, how can Kaori be dead if she can’t suffer from the depression that drives most to suicide? 

November 13, 1941. 6:37. The second most important date and time in history for Logan Flynn.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lethal cover

This is the cover for my book, Lethal. 

Everything is perfect in The Kingdom - until the unthinkable happens. The princess has escaped: let the hunt begin. Five years later, former Princess Kaelyn has morphed into a lethal huntress - aided by her uncanny ability to see futures - and is surviving on her own in the wild, that is until she meets Eshaan, who is the son of a guard she murdered on the night of her escape. Shoved into an uncomfortable alliance, the two unlikely partners must face the constant threat of the Royal Guard, while simultaneousness trying to save innocent lives and restore the peace of The Kingdom.

"Even though I hate the perpetual threat of capture, I love the thrill of the chase."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011