Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Seeker's Game cover

This is the cover for The Seeker's Game by Nadia Washington: 

Adrienne Torezz gets lost while playing a game of hide and seek with her friend, Tiffany Dawson. The feeling of doubt and loneliness overwhelms her as she searches helplessly for her parents. In such a pursuit, she ends up finding someone who not only gets her to safety but also becomes her friend.

 "It all started with a game of hide and seek." 

Take a Step, Take a Breath covers

These are the covers for Take a Step, Take a Breath by Kimi Caine.

 Jack and her mother have always been close. And Jack has always been without a significant fatherly influence. She is scarred from the lack of one, and she is determined that her mother with never marry. Yet her mother has now introduced the man she plans to marry; Jack's Friend's Father. With him comes five kids. Suddenly Jack's easy going life as an independent only child with a simple relationship with her mother is throw into a hectic chaos, and Jack is pushed in the background. Withdrawing from the world, and her mother, Jack avoids everything to do with the wedding at all costs. Finally, she runs away.
Straight into Nick's arms. Nick understands her. Nick lets her cry, lets her scream, lets her laugh. With Nick, she is free.
She should know not everything is as it seems. 

 "He knew her soul, she knew his name. He played her heart, she played his game. He fell in love, she did the same." 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Exactly...? cover

This is the cover for Why Exactly...? by Grace Benitone:

A girl is accused of name calling, and reveals her real thoughts that she never said about the brat (although she is accused of it) 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rise of Gantor cover

This is the cover for The Rise of Gantor by Kyal Lanum:

 In the early years of Antrica, the elves of Eleron and the humans of Drajten were at war. The evil tyrant Gantor forced the humans to eliminate what was left of the ancient elves. However, not knowing their power, the elves destroyed the humans and locked Drajten in a strongholds with wards of ancient knowledge. These wards were supposed to imprison Gantor forever. However, there is a deeper power than the elves magic.

 "Gantor was locked away in a stronghold for many centuries. For many thousands of years he was locked away, burning in pain. Until now."  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reminiscence cover

This is the cover for Reminiscence: 

Alice, the greatest warrior of her generation is found alone, with no memory of who she is. All she knows is that she woke up near a lake. When she returns to the clan what will her fate be? Her brother is against her as far as she knows; her whole family is. Will she remember who she is and save the clan from an uncertain peril? Or will she be doomed to be an amnesiac forever trying to find herself? 

"She created a legacy. Now, she must pay." 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Warpire's Fairy cover

This is the cover for The Warpire's Fairy: Book 1 of the Icy Heart's Series by Kayla Martzall:

In the 1890's Elizabeth Wilson was being hunted by a handsome man named Seth Brookfield. He betrayed their love and turned her into the Queen in Frostopia.
I was now repeating my great- great grandmothers terrible fortune. I was being hunted by Blake Carter. I was warned in my dreams by my fellow race, but, I didn't listen to them about Blake. I fell blind as a bat.
Now, I fear his love will betray me like Seth did to Elizabeth. 

 "My blood ran with iciness as I stood still with the anticipated wait. Fear flooded me when the Queen drew her scepter over me." 

Blank Shoot cover

This is the cover for Blank Shoot by Rosalie Pratt:

 Carina Cassidy disappears one day.
Her body is found (or is it??).
Carina finds herself in an academy/organisation that trains her to kill.
Her parents are murdered.
Carina returns. 

"What happens to the victims of a blank shoot?" 

The World of Lies cover

This is the cover for The World of Lies by Paige Dellaway. 

Mary-Anne is a fifteen-year-old girl who lives with her older brother Isaac. Her best friend is an idiotic, sarcastic, lovable guy that goes by the name of Greg Marshall. It turns out that despite the twos promise to tell each other everything, he’s been keeping a secret. That particular secret would change poor Mary-Anne’s life. And boy, will Greg regret keeping it. He swears that it was to protect her, but how could anything this big be hidden? One thing’s for sure: the two share a destiny. It wasn’t just a coincidence that they met, there are no coincidences. Will Greg be able to protect Mary-Anne without breaking any rules, or will he have to choose between her life and his future? 

"What would you do if your life was turned upside down?"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Step Back cover

This is the cover for A Step Back by Nikita.

Imagine a rich, posh and sophisticated girl who's got everything and anything. Now imagine that same girl getting stuck is the past, two centuries ago. The year 1803 to be more precise.
Can the girl survive the dirty, crowded streets and bustling suburbs of Old London? What happens when she find's love in the nineteenth century? Will it survive? More-over, will she ever get back to her time or be forever trapped in history? 

Dear Diary, Sincerely Me cover

This is the cover for Dear Diary, Sincerely Me by Saithe Faolian. 

 One of the timeless tales is of how Boy Meets Girl. But what happens when Girl is thoroughly and soundly rejected by Boy? This is the story of Delilah's progress through her senior year of high school, recorded by her in her diary. It takes you through her first real love, and possibly her last. From falling for the "wrong" guy and somehow ending up with Mr. Right, to loosing a friend, Delilah comments on her life through the good times and the bad. 

Spread Your Wings cover

This is the cover for Spread Your Wings by Rose Simon.

Hurt cover

This is the cover for Hurt bye Ritz13: 

"We're drawn together by a connection, but we must part." 

Skin Deep cover

This is the cover for Skin Deep by Eleanor Kirk: 

Welcome to Little Brenton High, where some eighteen-year-olds are still immature enough to think it’s funny to yell “bogies!” during the school assembly. Then there are the food fights. The “last man standing” competitions. The Clap Wars. All the old favourites. Not to mention that there’s always somebody suggesting a new game.
This Game is the newest. A “detective” tries to hunt down the “mafia murderers” before they manage to “kill” everybody in the school. But when one of the mafia members begins to take the role far too seriously, a living hell is unleashed, and it looks as though third-generation detective Izzy Holloway will never be able to uncover the rogue mafia on her own – and even her wits may not be enough to keep her alive.
Forget about beauty being skin deep – when whole appearances and morals don’t penetrate beneath the surface, it’s far worse. Death has become a game, and life is the playground.

 "It began as a game. It ended up as a national scandal, a multi-murder case involving Scotland Yard and MI5, and a life-long prison sentence."  

My Rose-Tinted Glasses cover

This is the cover for My Rose-Tinted Glasses by Elena Pratt
 My daydreams took over my life. Then I stopped the dreams; forced them back. Ten years later I let myself dream once more and my characters from the dreams of my youth are back with a vengeance. I have to choose between two wonderful worlds, but what happens when you're to fragile to live in either? 

"The life of a daydreamer can be hard to follow. Slipping in an out of consciousness how can you possibly control two lives at once?" 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secrets cover

 All we know about Jessica is that she changed her name, changed schools, and has something to hide. What is her secret and can she keep it around all of the gorgeous guys and preppy girls at WestWick Academy? I mean we only have the boyfriend, the boy friend, the ex, the best friend, and the bitch. Oh, and there is someone who’s threatening her. Other than that, there’s really no other pressure.