Saturday, March 19, 2011

Take a Step, Take a Breath covers

These are the covers for Take a Step, Take a Breath by Kimi Caine.

 Jack and her mother have always been close. And Jack has always been without a significant fatherly influence. She is scarred from the lack of one, and she is determined that her mother with never marry. Yet her mother has now introduced the man she plans to marry; Jack's Friend's Father. With him comes five kids. Suddenly Jack's easy going life as an independent only child with a simple relationship with her mother is throw into a hectic chaos, and Jack is pushed in the background. Withdrawing from the world, and her mother, Jack avoids everything to do with the wedding at all costs. Finally, she runs away.
Straight into Nick's arms. Nick understands her. Nick lets her cry, lets her scream, lets her laugh. With Nick, she is free.
She should know not everything is as it seems. 

 "He knew her soul, she knew his name. He played her heart, she played his game. He fell in love, she did the same." 

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