Friday, May 20, 2011

The Colprac Secret cover

This is the cover for The Colprac Secret by April Archer:

It happens. You close your eyes for a split second and let the tense world around you go dark. You blink. You let your guard down.
A blink is all it takes for your world to go up in flames.
Blink. You sister dies.
Blink. You seek revenge and instead find betrayal.
Blink. You have blood on your hands that can’t be washed away.
Blink. You keep on trucking.
You blink less.
I blink less. I keep my guard up, but it’s easier now for me. Now that revenge has been, in a strange and oddly fulfilling way, enacted. The betrayal still haunts me, a nightmare that flashes whenever I close my eyes for just a split second.
I blink less, and try to repress the memories as best I can.
This story, my story, started with a secret. A bloody, all-encompassing secret that would determine if my sister’s sacrifice was worth it, if I could forget Dominik’s betrayal to see that we were meant for each other...if I’d push back the events that destroyed me just in time to see my planet tossed back into war.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Exist cover

This is the cover for Exist by Gabija Redbird:

Wes Fray - Hockey Captain. Hottest guy in Trace, Ohio. In love with Parker Devins. 
Parker Devins - Writer. Beautiful but oblivious. In love with books... but mostly Wes Fray. 
Sam Scarlet (Scar) - Evil mastermind. *The other* hottest guy in Trace, Ohio. Falling hard for Kory Grimaldi. 
Corrine Grimaldi (Kory) - Artist. Drop dead gorgeous. Thinks Scar is pretty damn awesome. <3 
All with their own problems the four teens are brought together by a bathroom, a game of Tetris, a job transfer and a 'perfect' town in Ohio.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kindergarten cover

This is the cover for Kindergarten by Samantha K. Llewellyn.

When trouble maker Brooklyn Carter is expelled for stealing and crashing her principal's car, her mother decides to think up another punishment to help teach her responsibility. Instead of sending her to another school, Brooklyn is sent to volunteer in her mother's kindergarten class. It is there that Brooklyn finds a safe sanctuary from the dramas of high school and meets an enthusiastic five year old named Daisy.

But when Daisy's mother passes away, Daisy begins to close up. And Brooklyn puts it upon herself to hold the class together as it threatens to fall apart, and help Daisy to open up. And it is then that Brooklyn finds that nothing is as simple as it seems. 

"Where boys have cooties, a big assignment is a colouring page, and no one is a backstabber. Not as simple as you may think." 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Seeker's Game cover

This is the cover for The Seeker's Game by Nadia Washington: 

Adrienne Torezz gets lost while playing a game of hide and seek with her friend, Tiffany Dawson. The feeling of doubt and loneliness overwhelms her as she searches helplessly for her parents. In such a pursuit, she ends up finding someone who not only gets her to safety but also becomes her friend.

 "It all started with a game of hide and seek." 

Take a Step, Take a Breath covers

These are the covers for Take a Step, Take a Breath by Kimi Caine.

 Jack and her mother have always been close. And Jack has always been without a significant fatherly influence. She is scarred from the lack of one, and she is determined that her mother with never marry. Yet her mother has now introduced the man she plans to marry; Jack's Friend's Father. With him comes five kids. Suddenly Jack's easy going life as an independent only child with a simple relationship with her mother is throw into a hectic chaos, and Jack is pushed in the background. Withdrawing from the world, and her mother, Jack avoids everything to do with the wedding at all costs. Finally, she runs away.
Straight into Nick's arms. Nick understands her. Nick lets her cry, lets her scream, lets her laugh. With Nick, she is free.
She should know not everything is as it seems. 

 "He knew her soul, she knew his name. He played her heart, she played his game. He fell in love, she did the same." 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Exactly...? cover

This is the cover for Why Exactly...? by Grace Benitone:

A girl is accused of name calling, and reveals her real thoughts that she never said about the brat (although she is accused of it)