Friday, May 20, 2011

The Colprac Secret cover

This is the cover for The Colprac Secret by April Archer:

It happens. You close your eyes for a split second and let the tense world around you go dark. You blink. You let your guard down.
A blink is all it takes for your world to go up in flames.
Blink. You sister dies.
Blink. You seek revenge and instead find betrayal.
Blink. You have blood on your hands that can’t be washed away.
Blink. You keep on trucking.
You blink less.
I blink less. I keep my guard up, but it’s easier now for me. Now that revenge has been, in a strange and oddly fulfilling way, enacted. The betrayal still haunts me, a nightmare that flashes whenever I close my eyes for just a split second.
I blink less, and try to repress the memories as best I can.
This story, my story, started with a secret. A bloody, all-encompassing secret that would determine if my sister’s sacrifice was worth it, if I could forget Dominik’s betrayal to see that we were meant for each other...if I’d push back the events that destroyed me just in time to see my planet tossed back into war.

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